Wohnen am StadtwaldWolfsburg

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Modell Stadtwald
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The idea

In a green location in Wolfsburg an independent urban district is beeing developed with the aim to create a vibrant and liveable address. Therefore a team of architects and companies was given the task to promote and sell the "green center" as a complete design product.

The location

Special attention was placed on the design of the public space. To convey an harmonious and uniform overall impression between the buildings and the surrounding nature, the usage of sustainable materials was an obligatory part of the project.

The project: The apartments

Flanked by the forest at the east and bordered to the public area at the north, groups of three residential buildings form an own residential island. The residential islands are called Rügen, Sylt and Usedom and contain a total of 51 apartments, spread over nine town houses. Three houses form one residential island and each house includes an average of five apartments. Apartment sizes range between 70 m² and 229 m² and thus satisfy various needs.

The project: The terraced houses

To cover the individual needs of the habitants, two different types of terraced houses have been developed. In total 16 terrace houses, divided into four residential groups, are realized. On a total living space of 160m² each, eight houses have a split-level design with ceeiling heights of 4.15m in the living area, partial cellars and integrated garages. The other eight houses each have a total living space of 195m² including an integrated garage as well as a bay facing the street and a 30m² large rooftop terrace. In its entirety the buildings form the entrance to a new urban district and a vibrant address.