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The idea

The positive development of the city Werder Havel and especially the important recreation area Werder Havelauen, lead to an appreciable increased demand for high-quality living spaces. In addition to the creation of new living space, existing potentials are used by implementing health and medical facilities, business services and a range of gastronomical offers.

The location

The property borders directly to the yacht marina Werder Havel and offers a free view over the marina and the water channel. Local suppliers, service offers and recreation areas are located in the surrounding of the project. The close connection to the cities Potsdam and Berlin, as well as the proximity to the scenic surrounding of Potsdam´s lake area, contribute to the attraction of the location.

The project

On a total space of 10.625 m², residential buildings and a "Health and Service Center" will be constructed. The residential houses will consist of condominiums and rental apartments with different equipment standards. The health and medical part of the project will be developed as a center with private clinics, diagnosis, preventation and rehabilitation treatments and services. A large enclosed outdoor area offers the possibility to have a rest and communicate with residents in close proximity to the marina and the water channel with its beautiful promenade. To cover the need of parking space for residents and employees, a joint underground parking with 140 lots will be realized.