Research Car ParkBrunswick

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The idea

In cooperation with the City of Brunswick, the Volksbank BraWo Projekt GmbH initiates the long-term development of the Braunschweig-Wolfsburg Airport. With completion of the Lilienthalhaus in 2017, the further development of the research airport and the rising business travel activity, the need for parking space is proportionally increasing. The construction of the car park should improve the demand for parking space and enable researches in the area of e-mobility and autonomous driving systems.

The location

The direct link to the A2 and the proximity to the main building of the airport, offer optimal conditions for the further development of the location. With regard to the upcoming buildings, the car park contains enough parking space. Research projects like the A39 test track for autonomous driving, predestine the car park for the theme of research parking.

The project

The car park was constructed in system construction and is the first research car park in the region. To satisfy the reputation of the research airport, contemporary and innovative technologies like automatic parking and mobile payment systems are used. Overall the car park contains 650 parking spaces, including 20 charging points for e-cars.