Langer KampResidential Area, Brunswick

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Lageplan Langer Kamp Wohnteil
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The idea

In cooperation with the city of Brunswick, the former hospital site at the Gliesmaroder Straße will be developed into a significant and independent residential area, containing around 130 apartments as well as commercial space. One aim is to achieve a clear urban structure and to emphasize the quiet, green location. The inner space of the property will include a generous and extensive park.

The location

The property is located at the urban extension area "östliches Ringgebiet" and the university´s northern campus with its offices and facilities. The high quality of the location is affected by the existing park and the impressive stock of trees. To maintain this quality, the park will be preserved for the residents. With the semi-public areas the new constructions compliment the existing buildings and adapt to the design elements of the Göttingstraße and the Hans-Sommer-Straße.

The project

The fundamental idea of the project has been developed trough a city-planning competition. One aim was to provide the city with further living space in form of apartments and houses. With the definition of design goals the consistent quality assurance is guaranteed. As a result, the newly constructed buildings have an homogenous appearance and transfer an harmonious impression. The existing building will be redesigned in order to contain town houses as well as apartments.