Langer KampCommercial Area, Brunswick

Langer Kamp Gewerbe
Langer Kamp Gewerbe II
Langer Kamp Innenhof
Lageplan Langer Kamp
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The idea

In cooperation with the city of Brunswick, the former hospital location is developed into an independent living district. Together with the TRIACON GmbH and based on the plans of GIESLER ARCHITEKTEN, the northern part of the site is used for apartments, offices as well as a full-range provider. The alignment of the apartment and office buildings at the Hand-Sommer-Straße contribute to settle the urban development and create a sense of an open space at Langer Kamp.

The location

Brunswick is a large city in the south-east of Lower Saxony with an approximate population of 250.000. It is the second biggest city in the state right after its capital Hannover. Located between Hannover (approx. 67km) and Wolfsburg (approx. 33km), Brunswick is part of the metropolis region Hannover - Brunswick - Göttingen - Wolfsburg, that was established in 2005. The property at the corner of Hans-Sommer-Straße / Langer Kamp is located at the urban expansion area "östliches Ringgebiet" and the university`s northern campus with its offices and facilities.

The nearby freeways A2, A391 and A39 guarantee a fast connection outside the city, while the two accesses over the Hans-Sommer-Straße and  Langer Kamp serve as short connections inside the city. Reliable public transport is provided by bus and train lines.

The project

On an area of approx. 4.300 m², two building complexes with apartments, offices and a retail store are planned.  The complex that is located in the south of the property has five floors and a total floor area of 1.800 m², as well as a sales area of 1.200 m² with 60 parking lots. The building complex at the Hans-Sommer-Straße has a total floor area of 4.000 m² and provides enough space for modern and flexible offices. 120 additional parking lots are created in a collectively used underground parking.