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Baustelle Hasepark
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The idea

To satisfy the increasing demand for a contemporary working environment, a suitable office space for the NordWestBahn GmbH was needed in close proximity to the central station. The company operates 20 regional train lines and employs more than 850 people, therefore an excellent transport connection - including short distances to the tracks, as well as modern workspace solutions where key requirements for a long-term renting agreement. 

The location

The „Hasepark“, located right next to the central station, provides its tenants and visitors with an ideal infrastructure accessibility – regionally and nationwide. Short distances to the vibrant city center as well as several companies from all sectors of the service industry within the immediate vicinity characterize this established office location.

The project

On a former industrial lot, a 2.400 m², six story commercial property is being developed. At the top of the building, a “skylounge” with three independent office units offers a unique view over the surroundings. 53 aboveground parking spaces ensure a swift and easy accessibility of the facility. The building’s distinct structural design allows for flexible floor plans, therefore future changes to the 13 rental units can be made without the need for costly changes to the load-bearing structure. These measures, combined with the use of high-quality materials, contribute to the sustainable operation of the building and provide the basis for a long service life and a high value preservation of the property.