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Forum Kienberg
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Together with our partner, the MCG Management Capital Group, the blueorange group has acquired a shopping centre in the upcoming Berlin district of Hellersdorf. As a result, blueorange group now also operates in active asset management of large-scale retail properties. The joint venture benefits from various in-house expertise. With a conscious revitalization concept, the property, which is currently one quarter vacant, will in future provide a sustainable development impulse for the entire region.


The Hellersdorf district is currently experiencing a strong upswing and is located in the Berlin district of Marzahn-Hellersdorf in the northeast of the city. Not only the population but also the unemployment rate is developing more positively than the average for Berlin. The property is located at the underground station "Kienberg" and is therefore very well connected for public transport and individual traffic. The Gardens of the World (former Federal Garden Show) and the largest contiguous single-family home area in Germany, located in Hellersdorf, are in the direct vicinity. 


The concept includes adding new uses to the vacant areas and successively upgrading the existing areas. The outer facade and the entire appearance of the building will be modernised and the technical facilities will be brought up to the latest standards. The revitalization concept will enhance the shopping center as a whole without interfering with the existing infrastructure.