ARBOREA Montafon ResortSt. Gallenkirch

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The idea

This unique project is being developed in collaboration with „Arborea Hotel & Resorts GmbH“. The location is characterized by its picturesque position amidst mountain ranges and forests, secluded from adjoining properties. In this pristine location, a resort for wellness- as well as sport enthusiasts is coming into existence. In accordance with the slogan “experience together”, the requirements of a new generation of vacationists are satisfied, who value unison with nature in combination with the availability of collective leisure opportunities as key features of an enjoyable holiday. The blueorange Development Partner GmbH contributes its expertise in structuring the project investment.

The location

The premises are located amid the Austrian Alps in the ski-region “Silvretta Montafon”, and thanks to its hillside position, it enjoys an unobstructed view of the Voralberg Alps. The proximity to the city center of St. Gallenkirch and the cable car station Silvretta provide excellent conditions for all kinds of sport enthusiasts as well as hikers. Various small towns are situated in close vicinity to the property, that can be swiftly reached due to the region’s excellent transport infrastructure. Additionally, several airports are within reach of the location, making the area conveniently accessible by long-distance travel. During the winter season, scenic cross-county trails and ski slopes of various difficulties attract amateur athletes and professionals alike. In the summer months, the region is suited for extensive hikes as well as mountain-bike and rock-climbing trips. The unique combination of a well-accessible location with an abundance of leisure activities and the nativeness of the quaint surroundings characterize this extraordinary project.

The project

The project contains the construction of a modern hotel complex with 112 rooms as well as the development of three high-grade chalets with 46 distinct apartments of various sizes. On a total area of 19.000 m² and with a total investment volume of 44 million Euros, one of the largest and most advanced projects in the region is being developed. The use of panoramic windows, partial integration of the buildings into the adjacent slopes and the predominant use of local materials let the facility blend in with its surroundings. A central venue for residents and hotel guests alike is the glass amphitheater that allows for a spectacular view of the alpine panorama. The property is only accessible by a private road, which underlines the exclusivity of the location.